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Realnoe Vremya

An online newspaper with business news and industry analytics. The main purpose of the client is to become a leading business online newspaper in Tatarstan, then in Volga Region. For this reason «Realnoe Vremya» creates a lot of unique content: writes analytical articles and carries market researches

Realnoe Vremya

Nothing extra

Clean design underlines that first of all «Realnoe Vremya» is a business media source. Four columns, no widgets — nothing distracts you from reading. The main genres of the newspaper are evident from the menu. There are only four sections: «Analytics», «Gallery», «Events», «Sport»

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News stories

News and articles are gathered in topics to make navigation easier. The editorial board picks up the most interesting news stories and makes of them a «Topic of the day»

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  • Realnoe Vremya


«Realnoe Vremya» carries their own market researches. They request product prices in big chains and then fill the tables in administration panel with data to show the average price on the site. In several months, they form a price chart

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Administrative panel

To make Realnoe Vremya easy to use not only
for readers but for the editorial as well we designed content
management system from scratch considering the customer's wishes.

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Mobile version

We made a mobile version for «Realnoe Vremya» instead of a responsive one .
Website for a media source is a tricky product. User experience and navigation changes when you visit it on your phone so we had to rethink the whole design. Уou can also go to the full desktop version, if the mobile one feels unusual

  • Realnoe Vremya
Project team
  • Ux designer Elvira Akhkyamova
  • Art director Marat Khabibullin
  • Frontend developer Nikita Platonov
  • Backend developer Filipp Yanukovich
  • Project managers Emil Kozlovsky
    Yana Gerasimova
    Eldar Gatin