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Promosite, app and personal account for the service that generates the apps from the groups in social networks



On the landing we told about the Appsbunch use in several slides and showed the options of the design for the future app

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Users who would like to watch only selected groups download the app. There is available the same service: likes, comments, interviews, competetions

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  • Appsbunch

Administrative panel

In admin panel the user meets a raccoon and has a little study: the process of developing your app is divided into several steps

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App administrator

— Send push notifications
— Watch the stats
— Customize the design
— Monetize the app and count the profit

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Each carried step is a small success. Raccoon praises the adminstrator for a work under the app and prompts what to do next

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Project team
  • Project manager Elvira Akhkyamova
  • Designer Arseniy Mehovnikov
  • Art directors Marat Khabibullin,
    Artem Ermolaev
  • Ux designer Elvira Akhkyamova
  • Frontend developer Konstantin Semyonov
Client about project
Aleksey Shishkov

The team makes a really cool design. UX is astonishing, creativity is on a roll, pictures are snappy, everything is animated, everything moves. It is the case when a designer knows better what a client wants to see than the client himself.

Special thanks for the successful fulfilling the demand on «a bit more yellow and less gold» color! Exceptional company with quality, logics and result that considerably exceeds the costs.

Aleksey Shishkov
CEO at Appnow