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Services that help administrators of the restaurants and beauty salons to communicate with clients via apps


Promo sites

For each service, we made a promo site where described their benefits and showed how they work

  • Appbeauty&Appmenu

For restaurants

Appmenu is developed for bar and restaurant owners. Customers reserve tables, get text-message ads and even meet each other via Appmenu application

  • Appbeauty&Appmenu

For beauty salons

Customers choose a stylist and a service, make appointments and buy cosmetic products online

  • Appbeauty&Appmenu

Management system

Administrators manage settings and design of their apps, edit product and service descriptions, check staff and styling areas availability, send push notifications and maintain a customer base

  • Appbeauty&Appmenu
Project team
  • Art director Marat Khabibullin
  • Frontend developers Konstantin Semyonov
    Nikita Platonov
  • Designer Alexander Lukyanov
    Luiza Salavatullina
  • Project manager Elvira Akhkyamova
    Yana Gerasimova
  • Ux designer Elvira Akhkyamova
Client about project
Aleksey Shishkov

The team makes a really cool design. UX is astonishing, creativity is on a roll, pictures are snappy, everything is animated, everything moves. It is the case when a designer knows better what a client wants to see than the client himself.

Special thanks for the successful fulfilling the demand on «a bit more yellow and less gold» color! Exceptional company with quality, logics and result that considerably exceeds the costs.

Aleksey Shishkov
CEO at Appnow